Lisamarie Zanni

My story begins with the It Works Body Wrap.. the second I put it on I realized what an AMAZING product it is. After 3 pregnancies I was looking for something to help my babybelly and tighten skin. I personally saw incredible results after my first application. I was hooked and wrapped the rest of the month away. I now wrap my abdominal area once a week it works like a charm! 

The day I tried the Wraps I had signed up as a Loyal Customer because I had to get my hands on more wraps and wanted to get them at a discounted pricce. After 3 months of being a Loyal Customer I decided I wanted to sell the wraps and became an It Works Distributor. I literally couldn't stop myself from wanting to start my own business and sell this product!

It's an amazing ride and a lot of fun. I have a talented team and am always looking for motivated individuals to mentor as an It Works Distributor. I've found It Works to be an exceptional company to be a part of and the incredible year to year growth shows exactly that!

I was once skeptical of these wraps but once I tried them the effect and the improvements in the texture and tone of my skin were undeniable. Sometimes it takes more than 1 wrap to see the results but if you use a full treatment (4 wraps) you WILL see results. NOTHING I have seen or tried performs like this product! It does exactly as advertised..tightens, tones, and firms quickly with long lasting results. And I love that you FEEL the wrap working when you put it on. I find that it feels cooling and rejuvenating on the skin. 

I'm a mommy of three, a wife to my husband a US Army Veteran. I love to travel, have a deep passion and highly driven to do well in life. I work hard so I can play hard. It Works has given me the opportunity to run my own business, on my own terms. I LOVE IT! 

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